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:: projekt soundsystem ::

Projekt Soundsystem is the performance entity of the midwest-based Projekt MKE collective hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With deep roots in dance music culture since the early-to-mid nineties Dela, Screendoor, and Sir Fice have been solid purveyors of forward-thinking music since it's inception on american dancefloors.

From their nenowned underground and club events to their unique DJ peformances on the road, the trio have continually been hard at work providing the underground dance music community with an outlet for all things future-forward and all things envelope-pushing. With signature journey-styled sets, Projekt Soundsystem is sure to define their appreciation for the vast avant garde techno and house landscape. Together they bend genres and mold styles to display the absolute Projekt MKE sound... The sound of techno now.

:: listen ::

projektion 006 :: projekt soundsystem(direct download)

Projekt Soundsystem Live @ Black MPLS (direct download)
Recorded live 11.08.08

projekt v1 (direct download)
Recorded between dela, fortune, screendoor and sir fice for a give away at our first projekt show.