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projektion is a podcast that features live and exclusive mixes from some of the industry's most sought-after artists.

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:: 024 : pittsburgh track authority ::

pittsburgh track authority [EXCLUSIVE LIVE SET]

We are humbled and extremely excited to provide a live recording from Pittsburgh's own Pittsburgh Track Authority (PTA) for our 24th episode. The production trio of Thomas Cox, Adam Ratana and Preslav Lefterov were joined by live percussionist Cottrell to complete the full 4 piece live experience at a February performance at Humanaut's monthly party aptly named "Out of Order." Join us on this nearly hour long ride as your tour guides take you on a deep, acidic, and hypnotic journey through their own unique brand of house and techno.

release date: 03.21.12
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:: 023 : alexis cabrera ::

alexis cabrera [EXCLUSIVE LIVE SET]

For a special treat, Argentinian Alexis Cabrera has come forth with episode 023; an exlusive LIVE set. His brand of unique, grooving but heady style of tech house has been moving dancefloors internationally, and this is definitely no exception. With his productions gaining much recognition, most notably an upcoming release on Mindshake records on the heels of WMC, it's an honor to provide you with this set.

release date: 02.21.12
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:: 022 : panos & Sentenza ::

panos & sentenza [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

Do you like it deep and sexy? Apparently Panos & Sentenza do. We are excited to feature an exclusive set from what we feel is one of America's newest production/DJ duos to watch out for. With highly charted tracks on labels like Miami's Mr. Nice Guy and forthcoming work on top-tier imprints in their near future, you can understand how this talented two-some has an ear for quality. Drippy, avant-garde, house-for-the-head is their brand. Enjoy these 2 hours of just that.

release date: 01.10.12
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:: 021 : seth yender ::

seth yender [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

For our next adventure, we invited extended family member and Beretta Music artist Seth Yender to take the reigns. With a long history and deep understanding of all things Detroit, Seth has crafted a stunning mix of organic, soulful techno with a new, yet classic Detroit feel that holds strong throughout; building up, breaking down, and pushing your aural senses into overdrive.

release date: 11.30.11
direct download

:: 020 : lorenzo bartoletti ::

lorenzo bartoletti [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

To celebrate Projekt's 20th Projektion episode we looked no further than our friends at the newly recharged Barcelona-based Mindshake Records label. Lorenzo Bartoletti is one of Paco Osuna's newest Italian imports to his family-minded collective and thusly has had himself in the global spotlight as of late. Episode 20 comes to us in true Mindshake fashion with a little over an hour of enough bouncy, jacky, funk-infused tech house to make any listener wiggle - no matter the setting nor the bias. Here's to 20 more.

release date: 10.12.11
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:: 019 : deepak sharma ::

deepak sharma [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

After a long hiatus, Projektion surfaces from the depths to bring forth a new release in the series. For our 19th episode, Hidden Recordings hard working label boss Deepak Sharma graces us with a 90 minute set packed full of upfront dark and moody techno.

release date: 08.15.11
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:: 018 : nihal ramchandani ::

nihal ramchandani [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

Our 18th episode comes from up and coming New Yorker Nihal Ramchandani. At only 19, Nihal has already proved he's worthy of big things; putting in work at Halcyon in Brooklyn and focusing more now on his internship with Scuba's Hotflush Recordings out of Berlin. With an already profound understanding of the music, Nihal shows off his prowess with this 60 minute deep, dark, mental techno joyride.

release date: 10.13.10
direct download

:: 017 : dilo & gurtz ::

dilo & gurtz [EXCLUSIVE 2 PART MIX]

Projektion 017 arrives in a unique but very anticipated fashion with a double dose of two of Argentina's most successful names in modern techno. Buenos Aires natives Dilo and Gurtz have been producing tracks for some of the world's most accomplished labels and their live sets have graced dancefloors in every corner of the globe. We're extremely happy to offer our very first two-part podcast from each of these gentlemen with 017. As outstanding as both of these two live sets are their deliveries couldn't be any more contrasting... Gurtz's opening part is a deep and dubby offering featuring several pieces of unreleased work for our noggins... whereas Dilo gives us a taste of some of his signature funk-infused and forward-thinking tech-house that's sure to get you moving.

release date: 09.29.10 :: Part 1 direct download :: Part 1 direct download

:: 016 : roberto bosco ::

roberto bosco [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

Offering us a blissful take on heady yet floor-driving soundscapes is Falkplatz and Figure recording artist Roberto Bosco. Featuring all of his own productions, Projektion 016 shows us why this Italian heavyweight is no stranger to being at the helm at modern techno meccas like Berghain and Fabric.

release date: 09.15.10
direct download

:: 015 : heron ::


Germany's Heron brings a unique and dynamic sound to modern techno... and Projektion's long-awaited 15th episode is a representation of just that. His concept behind this exclusive one hour mix is as calculated as it is successful. With tracks from Tadeo to Villalobos, Heron weaves in and out of cerebral and head swirling soundscapes to keep this installment interesting.

release date: 08.10.10
direct download

:: 014 : pezzner ::


Projektion 014 comes through laced in true podcast perfection. Seattle's Pezzner shows us all why he's become such a respected producer, DJ, and live performer over the years with this amazingly groovy, melodic, and heady display of avant garde house music. Using these 65 minutes as his canvas, Pezzner paints us one of the most beautiful and artful pieces we've received in our entire episode collection.

release date: 05.17.10
direct download

:: 013 : alland byallo ::

alland byallo [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

There's certainly no fooling around with this 13th Projektion episode as it arrives this first day of April. Bringing us smoothly into the Spring season is a beautifully crafted mix by Nightlight label owner and [KONTROL] resident Alland Byallo. As one of the West Coast's hardest working professionals, Alland seamlessly puts together a mix captivating both mind and body with plenty of moodiness upstairs and groove downstairs. Art at it's finest.

release date: 04.01.10
direct download

:: 012 : pheek ::


after an extra month hiatus the projektion series returns with a deep and twisted offering from montreal's pheek. the archipel label boss grooves up a signature quirky masterpiece with enough funk and snap to keep the piece delicately moving.

release date: 02.25.10
direct download

:: 011 : atomly ::


projektion 011 brings the series back into the sultry depths of techno and house with NYC's Atomly. giving us a clinic in essential track selection and seemless mixing this deep and sometimes loungey offering provides the perfect blends of moodiness and emotion throughout it's near 3 hour duration.

release date: 01.05.10
direct download

:: 010 : drumcell ::

drumcell [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

celebrating our tenth projektion podcast is a blistering mix by L.A.'s drumcell. as one of america's hardest working names in modern techno, the droid recordings don hands us a proper delivery of his masterful craftsmanship. this month's highly technical and utterly mindbending installment is nothing less than relentless. please enjoy.

release date: 12.01.09
direct download

:: 009 : skoozbot ::

skoozbot [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. projektion 009 is an exclusive halloween-themed mix from american techno producer SKOOZBOT. one of the main ingredients in the modern PLUS 8 concoction brews us a steamy cauldron full of twisted layers and eerie edits resulting in one mindfuck of a spooky techno mix. just one glance at the tracklist alone gives you an idea of the kind of engineering that went into this monster. trick or treat?

release date: 10.30.09
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:: 008 : paco osuna ::

paco osuna [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

we are delighted to deliver the 8th chapter in the projektion series as an exclusive mix from barcelona's international heavyweight... paco osuna. as head honcho of mindshake recordings and a major staple in the modern plus 8 arsenal, paco slams together an hour of relentless peak-hour jack 'n bounce. as one of our favorite releases to date, 008 marks a great transition to the autumn season ahead. cheers!

release date: 09.30.09
direct download

:: 007 : eric cloutier ::

eric cloutier [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

the projektion podcast series expands with 007 coming from one of the most essential players of NYC's famed 'the bunker'... eric cloutier. this near 3 hour exclusive set comes to us in prime cloutier fashion hitting every note in all things deep, sexy, heady, and dubby. as one of america's most notable players in minimal techno and house this installment is a must-have for any head's collection.

release date: 08.31.09
direct download

:: 006 : projekt soundsystem ::

projekt soundsystem [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

"the sixth installment of projektion is an exclusive 3+ hour mix by the hosts themselves... projekt soundsystem. similar to their signature live DJ sets, projekt soundsystem's vast appreciation for cutting edge techno and house music is sure to seamlessly cover all grounds. this time in particluar, the trio's concoction slips into your head, swirls some things around a bit, and leaves it all tastefully disheveled. this journey of a soundtrack from the domes of screendoor, dela, and sir fice is a humble introduction to the sound of projekt... the sound of techno now. enjoy."

release date: 08.04.09
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:: 005 : dario zenker ::

dario zenker [LIVE FROM PROJEKT 11.0]

projektion 005 arrives with a juicy live dj set of germany's dario zenker. on may 1st, 2009 munich's prodigal son graced milwaukee with one of his signature 'journey-style' extended dj sets. from deep to funky - and dark to melodic - the inner walls of that old boxing gym warehouse will never be the same again. enjoy nearly 3 full hours of one of vakant's truest gems: dario zenker... live from projekt 11.0.

release date: 06.04.09
direct download

:: 004 : derek plaslaiko ::

derek plaslaiko [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

for the 4th installment in the projektion series, we bring you an exclusive mix from new york's one and only derek plaslaiko. in true form, derek takes us on a two hour journey through techno, the way only he can, with healthy doses of headiness and jackin beats throughout that capture your mind and move your body.

release date: 05.08.09
direct download

:: 003 : acid circus ::

acid circus [EXCLUSIVE MIX]

after receiving great interest from every corner of the globe, the projektion series one-ups itself with a third installment from L.A.'s boys of DROID... Acid Circus. this must-have mix is a complete overview of their 2009 winter season flavors. it includes tracks, remixes, and heavy edits of artists like octave one, redshape, franco cinelli, gregor threshor, paul johnson, losoul, speedy j, shed, acid circus themselves and more.

release date: 04.01.09
direct download

:: 002 : billy dalessandro ::

billy dalessandro [LIVE PA @ PROJEKT 10.31.08]

on halloween, billy dalessandro dropped a rare midwest live set of bouncy, driving, funk-inflected, head-tripping, minimal tech. this show also captures the essence of his 'huge hephner' pseudonym all wrapped up in one streamlined set which was the highlight of our projekt siteholder showcase. (check the music page for daniel mnookin's dj performance)

release date: 03.01.09
direct download

:: 001 : decimal ::

decimal [LIVE PA @ PROJEKT 09.26.08]

this show was a music-lover's paradise. at one point we put down the cameras, put down the drinks, and all stood right smack dab in front of the pounding speakers to let it all in. decimal is one hell of a producer and we got the best of it.

release date: 01.23.09
direct download