:: musik ::

all musik listed below may be downloaded freely with permission from all artists. you may also stream them directly from this page if you so desire.

:: live @ projekt ::

acid circus - live @ projekt 05.30.08 (direct download)
recorded live 05.30.08
eat.sleep.shit techno

daniel mnookin - live @ projekt 10.31.08 (direct download)
recorded live 10.31.08 (halloween)

andrew kevins - live @ projekt 04.25.08 (direct download)
recorded live 04.25.08

christopher james - live @ projekt 10.31.08 (direct download)
recorded live 10.31.08 (halloween) 10.31.08

david dominguez - live @ projekt 06.27.08 (direct download)
recorded live 06.27.08

david dominguez - live @ a christmas projekt 12.19.08 (direct download)
recorded live @ redroom, milwaukee 12.19.08

andrew kevins, easy lee and christopher james - live @ a christmas projekt 12.19.08 (direct download)
recorded live @ redroom, milwaukee 12.19.08

:: dela ::

dela - live @ winter warmer 01.30.10 (direct download)
recorded live from the pool and jacuzzi area at a unique resort party in january of 2010, dela puts together a sexy mix of forward-tinged techno featuring artists like: sweet n candy, gurtz, crosson, & more.

dela - ten p.m. (direct download)
featuring tracks from many of the world's leading and up and coming deep/tech house producers this is undoubtedly an esse$ shades of dela that touches the mind, body, and soul.

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dela - escalators & aeroplanes (direct download)
travelling from one locale to another, dela's spring offering picks the passenger up from the land of dark and groovy and drops them off in destination: bounce and jack. enjoy the ride.

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dela - tuedaes (direct download)
from groovy and sexy, to deep and dark, to bouncy and rolling... this is dela in it's entirity

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dela - live @ la casa del umbriaco (direct download)
a walk through the dark, deep, and tastefully wierd carnival of minimal and modern techno

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:: screendoor ::

RKIVE03 MIX recorded 03:15:09 (direct download)
Rkive III follows in quick succesion from volume II. This mix explores the outer reaches of the experimental, trippy, spaced out sounds of minimal, loaded with enough groove and basslines to keep the floor moving.

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RKIVE02 MIX recorded 03:13:09 (direct download)
A deep minimal house journey into the percussive, hypnotic, tribal sounds that helped define one of the more pervalent sounds of minimal in 2008, geared for both dancefloors and home listening.

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RKIVE01 MIX recorded 08:08:08 (direct download)
A dark and bleepy soundtrack to the warehouse in your mind

AFTERHOURS DETOUR recorded 05:08 (direct download)
3 hour mix of trippy afterhours techno

DIG DEEP recorded 05:07 (direct download)
a mesmerizing hour of minimal house for the heads who know

:: sir fice ::

88NINE Radio Mix [Part 1 :: Part 2] (direct download)
Recorded October 2010. Deep, drippy, mental techno in Part 1. Part 2 keeps the same style but with a more aggressive perspective.

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February 2009 Promo Mix (direct download)
Recorded 02.13.09. Edgier minimal/maximal flow to this one. lots of big basslines and heady synths throughout.

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Live on WMSE Radio 01.17.09 (direct download)
Recorded Live 01.17.09 on WMSE Radio here in Milwaukee. Heady, oldschool vibes throughout

Live on Good Housekeeping Radio 04.28.08 (direct download)
90 minute mix full of heady minimal

:: projekt soundsystem ::

projektion 006 :: projekt soundsystem(direct download)

Projekt Soundsystem Live @ Black MPLS (direct download)
Recorded live 11.08.08

projekt v1 (direct download)
Recorded between dela, fortune, screendoor and sir fice for a give away at our first projekt show.