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Projekt Revamp

Redroom gives minimal new, moody forum
By Jenn Danko - 03.25.09

Sometimes less is more, especially in terms of minimal techno. Lately, a few of the scene’s most visible advocates are sizing down their big of party into a more intimate family affair at the recently launched Redroom Sessions on Milwaukee’s Side. “When it comes to doing events, we to be sticklers on the venue,” says Valerine, co-organizer behind minimal music collective Projekt. The of tech-centric promoters - who better known for hosting events at warehouses than wine-friendly nooks - zeroed in on Redroom for their venue du jour. "We will continue to do our bigger, underground or warehouse one-offs we showcase internationally regionally acclaimed headliners," Valerine says. Projekt is using these mini showcases to center around Midwest while allowing more networking opportunities among the supporters of minimal sound.

"This is our way of showcasing the local that Milwaukee and this part of country proudly boasts," he says. Among this session's local talent is Tinhead, a DJ/producer via Madison, who has been pushing his harder brand of funky techno across Midwest for years. More recently, accessible to some dance floor audiences, showcasing on-point remixes, including a relentless, self-produced M.I.A. remix that dropped last summer. Valerine says the Redroom Sessions will follow the same Projekt format launched last year at Six Degrees, featuring the likes of minimal and modern techno and avant house soundscapes.

"Whether it's our bigger underground parties or our intimate club nights, we feel our events have provided Milwaukee with a much-needed musical platform that exists in every major music scene in the world," Valerine says. We've been fortunate to gain recognition from industry heads from practically every corner of the globe and it shows them that Milwaukee can be as musically diverse and up-to-date as anywhere in the world."

As for its next big warehouse event? The Projekt people swear they're mobilizing their efforts to pull together "Projekt 11.0," another techno-tinged rager of epic proportions - which, in minimal terms, means less. Projekt's Redroom Sessions get under way on Friday, March 27, at Redroom (1875 N. Humboldt Ave.). Racine's Anthony William and the Projekt Soundsystem lend support. Music at 10 p.m. No cover charge.