original source: beatportal

Milwaukee the New LA?

By burnedwithin - 01.19.2009

After thriving scenes having come out of nowhere in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Milwaukee Wisconsin may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of EDM. This beer-swaggling town with more bars per capita than any other US city just does not seem to show love for the “techno music.”

Or does it?

Lee Burridge [a] teased Wisconsonites at Summerfest (and mingled with them too!). Paco Osuna [a] demolished the Havana Nightclub barely a month ago. JPLS is on his way. M-town alums like James Amato bring it home and drive crowds wild. Is it possible that Brew-City is on the fast track to an electronic music renaissance?

The historically strong artistic and hipster contingent, as well as the cultural diversity of Milwaukee have provided for the perfect environment for a revolution to start. Venues and promoters abound, not the least among them being projekt, a local group with a reputation for having the master hand on the best parties.

Fast Forward to January 23rd, the perfect way to keep the new year coming: A Warehouse party featuring minimal don JPLS!

Word has even come from as far as LA's legendary parymakers, DROID, who have already allegedly tipped their collective hat to the projekt team, praising their vision and future. If LA says it is good, Milwaukee is good!