original source: shepherd express

Projekt pulls the plug on EDM monthly

By Jenn Danko - 10-28-08

The promoters behind the successful Projekt events at Six Degrees (518 N. Water St.) say they didn't spook themselves into shutting down their night too soon. The move to pull the plug on their EDM monthly this coming Halloween weekend simply presented a prime opportunity for the three-man collective to bow out while the monthly still attracts solid attendance.

"As Projekt promoters, we don't do shows just to do them-we're too old and not interested in that these days," says co-promoter Brad Valerine, who organized the night with Justin Grall and Nate York. "We have a specific focus and sometimes that focus, along with its creativity, gets lost during a monthly."

Since premiering its first party in February 2008, the Projekt collective says it aimed to provide a world-class platform for minimal and avant techno in Milwaukee. In its nine-month run, the night brought a new brand of EDM talent to the scene, including Maetrik, The Attack People and Decimal. Valerine says the night maintained a "reasonably consistent turnout" but more importantly exuded an easy vibe among club enthusiasts.

"We are lucky to have created such a die-hard following with such a new and specific sound that really was only in its infancy stages here in Milwaukee," Valerine says. "I think it's safe to say today that Milwaukee has its own minimal techno scene."

The promoters say that Projekt is not exiting the scene; it's simply changing its presence and working with minimal techno outfits in other cities to create collaborations and various projects in other locales.

Back in Milwaukee, the crew says they have new plans in the works.

"For those 'in-the-techknow,' think ReSolute of NYC or Interface of L.A.," Valerine says. "We will be focusing on the DJ aspects of our collective as well as putting together a top-notch interactive marketing and Web platform."

For now, Projekt bows out at Six Degrees on Friday, Oct. 31, with a final live P.A. show from Chicago's Billy Dalessandro (Siteholder Records, Harthouse). Daniel Mnookin provides support to this tech-laced show of lucid beats. Milwaukee's Christopher James and Dela open the show. Music 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. No cover charge.