original source: shepherd express newspaper

Simply Spectral

By Jenn Danko - 06.18.08

The Spectral Sound Residency Tour returns to this month's installment of Projekt at Six Degrees, this time welcoming the live P.A. wrangling of Kate Simko. The Spectral Sound artist melds the warm, funky basslines of house with the more androgynous tones of techno, creating an angular array of hot and cold beats. Influenced by recent musical jaunts to South America, Simko's live, symmetrical arrangements find plenty of earthy influences. Collaborations with South American producer Andres Bucci have kept her sound evolving. This month, she joins Erik Lee & Samonik and David Dominguez, along with the DJ debut of Projekt co-promoter Dela.

Friday, June 27, at Six Degrees (518 N. Water St.). Music 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. No cover charge; CD giveaways.