avatar do you have pictures from our shows???
January 25, 2009 02:58PM
we would REALLY like them, and it's really easy to do!

First, you need an account on the forum. This will give you immediate access to an account in our gallery (no signup necessary there, it automatically sets up an account for you once you've done it here)..

Here are the instructions on how to add your pics to our gallery after you've created/signed in to your account:

1. go to the gallery
2. under the main section of links, you will see smaller links.. click on "create/order my albums"
3. click the "New" button at the bottom of the page. you can then change the name of the album to correspond with the event name or date. Whatever you wanna do. When you're happy, click on "Apply Modifications" and click ok to confirm you're all set.. click continue when it's done.
4. this takes you back to the main gallery page.. in the top set of links, choose "Upload file," which will take you to the upload form. you can upload up to 10 pictures at a time.. choose your files, and press continue. it will confirm that the files have been uploaded successfully, press continue again.
5. this takes you to a screen that allows you to select which album you want to place these pics in, as well as give each image a title, description, and keywords.. when you are done, press continue, and it will let you know that you have placed the files successfully.. that's it**

** as we only really want your pictures from our own events, all pictures will require approval from one of the projekt admins before they are publically available for everyone..

a big THANK YOU for helping us out and sharing your pictures from our shows!!!


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