[08.25.11]- Crave - Hybrid Live PA/DJ Set
August 23, 2011 01:14AM
This Midwest Native started on his path in the mid 80s, sacrificing his summer camp pizza allowance to buy his first record. The "BEAT STREET" soundtrack would be the catalyst, sparking his passion for all things involving the new electronic music movement.

Since those days of his innocent youth, he has played a role in one way shape or form, in helping to design the EDM community. Finding himself behind the scenes, on the decks, Live on stage or even just nodding in front of the speakers. He has been there through the rise and the fall of genres, styles and scenes, giving his support to the music and artists who gave him so much more than he could ever give back.

While he was on a trip to Europe he found himself on a journey looking to find some new vinyl; instead he found a little silver box that would change the landscape of his existence forever. A decade soon passed, filled with twisting buttons, pressing knobs, and being an analog elitist gear whore who had found himself and a style to call his own. His style was soon tour tested and master approved, allowing the flood gates to open for various worldwide releases.

A Futuristic spectrum using analog and digital concepts, allows him to create a cutting edge dimensional platform that crosses multi generational lines.



$2 Pabst tallboys
$3 /$5 tall calls


CRAVE - What You Need



Last Weeks Photos feat. Screendoor & The Hermit
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