08.18.11 / Crave - Vinyl Revival, $2 PBR $5 Tall All Drinks
August 16, 2011 01:46AM
Our Special guest this week was raised in the Midwest, and has been obsessively collecting vinyl since his first heard the spine-tingling sounds of electronic music via the Drop Bass Network /Chicago/ Detroit warehouse rave scene.

His vast vinyl archive of rarities, white labels and exclusives and true crate digger’s enthusiasm, are matched by his spectrum of musical influences - Ron Hardy, Richard D. James, and Richie Hawtin being the most notable. Appropriately there is no particular classification that applies to his DJ sets; each is unique, tied to a time, place, crowd and atmosphere.

Proud to be a vinyl DJ, he also appreciates the creative power of technology, often using Abelton and Traktor to incorporate his own home made edits into his vinyl sets. Producing behind the scenes since 2000, he is eager to contribute his own releases, but not before his skills are refined to a level that accurately manifests his electronic music passion.

This passion is evident, in his vinyl collection, his dj sets and also his history. He has organized themed raves, parties and club nights; promoted a range of ambient, dub, disco, techno, house and rave sounds; owned and operated Milwaukee's last specialized edm record store; and has played festivals, raves, lofts and clubs alongside a myriad of international and national artists such as Acid Circus, Adam X, Ambivalent, Barem, Bruno Pronsato, Butane, Chrissy Murderbot, Dan Bell, Derek Plaslaiko, DJ C, DJ ESP Woody McBride, Hyperactive, JPLS, Justin Long, Jus Wan, Kyle Geiger, Matthew Dear, Maetrik, Mike Dearborn, Pezzner, Punisher, Richie Hawtin, Ryan Crosson, Safety Scissors, Seth Troxler, Someone Else, Superpitcher... and more.

He's got what you need - and he's playing this Thursday, at Crave!


$2 Pabst Tallboys all night
$3 /$5 all mixers all night


CRAVE - What You Need



Last Weeks Photos feat. Angel Eyes
Re: 08.18.11 / Crave - Vinyl Revival, $2 PBR $5 Tall All Drinks
August 16, 2011 02:04AM
Last week the ladies touch at Crave was awesome! Here are a few pix from Crave: Ladybeaters in the booth ft. Fortune and Angel Eyes:

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