12.11.10 - Chicken & Techno: w/ Dan Stark, JC Disko, Dela & David Dominguez
November 17, 2010 10:33AM

Chicken & Techno presents:

~ Dan Stark (Cleveland OH, Harem / Avangardia / Incorrect / Beat Code)
~ JC Disko (Milwaukee, Soul Fuel / Smoke City / Lost N Found)
~ Dela & David Dominguez (Milwaukee, Projekt Intl / Mindshake)

With support from Projekt International and exceptional massive additional sound from Lost N Found Productions, please join us for a night of fun forward thinking music.

CASH BAR! Bring Cash!

Sat Dec 11
235 S. 2nd St
Milwaukee WI

Dan Stark (Harem, Avangardia, Incorrect, Beat Code)

Dan Stark Music Bio:

Dan Stark, Dj/Producer and the Owner of System Events in Cleveland, Ohio has been behind the decks for nearly 6 years now. He has been Headlining all over the U.S. and Canada at some of the biggest + most respected clubs like Avalon in L.A., the famous Spy Bar in Chicago, and also Vain, Bleu + Oslo in Detroit to name a few. Dan also has held down a 2+ Year Residency at Anatomy Ultra Lounge in Cleveland, home of his well-known "System Party" that regularly features some of the best talent the world has to offer. He also held down a 3 year Residency at the House of Blues Ultra Exclusive Foundation Room. Residencies like these show a commitment to the Music and the Scene and it also shows you that Dan loves to get down and party! He's a fan of positive energy and it shows in his sets and music. Stark has also played at some of the biggest festivals in the U.S., such as the WMC in Miami and DEMF in Detroit and smaller ones here in his home state of Ohio.

Production wise,...Dan has released music on Major Labels, such as: "Harem" (Sultan + Ned Shepard's Label), "Avangardia" (Ricky Ryan's Label out of South America), Detroit's, "Incorrect Music" (Anthony Attalla's Label), "Low Pressings" ( a well respected underground house label founded by Peace Division, and currently run by Hernan Cerbello, Chas Burns and Robbie Lowe and is based out of the UK), The Belgium based "17:44 Records", "Portamento Records" (Nino Anthony's Label) and "Beat Code" (Low Pressings sister label). He has remixed some of the Biggest names in the Industry, such as: Sultan, Ned Shepard, Dirty Vegas, Nino Anthony, Anthony Attalla, Chris Norman. It's one thing to release music, and another to have success with the releases. He and his production partner, Jayme Skeen have had success with their releases and have consistently charted and broke the top 100 barrier on Beatport Charts as well as hitting # 1 ranking on Low Pressings + 17:44's Beatport Label Top 10 Charts and # 2 on Harem + Incorrect's Beatport Label Top 10 Charts. Being relatively new to the production scene, these feats are simply amazing. It's clear from his recent success that the production future is very bright!! 2011 is going to be a breakout year...

As a Dj, Dan opened up for George Acosta in October 2004 as his very first gig only 5 months after learning how to spin. Since then Dan has found himself sharing the Dj Booth with some of the best Dj’s in the world, such as: Deep Dish (Both Dubfire + Sharam), Sultan (4 times), Ned Shepard, Cedric Gervais, DeadMau5, Spirit Catcher "Live" (twice), Danny Howells, Paolo Mojo, Randall Jones, Hernan Cerbello (twice), Phil K, Markus Schulz (twice), Infusion, Andy Caldwell, D. Ramirez, Doc Martin, Paul Van Dyk, Derek Howell, Chris Fortier, James Lauer, Edgar V, Chris Walsh, Terry Grant (twice), George Acosta, D:Fuse (twice), Open Cloud, Micro, D-Lav + Shlavens, Mike Swells, YOS, Bad Boy Bill, Ryan Elliot, Dennis Cox, Maher Daniel, Darren Emerson, Naveen G (twice), Kenneth Thomas (twice), Anthony Attalla, and Nino Anthony to name a few. Dan always brings a high level of energy to his sets. He excels at playing the right song at the right moment and works hard at finding those tunes during his down time in the studio. Dan has been delivering his signature sound of house, tech house, techno, and progressive house on such Internet Radio shows like: "Sweat Lodge Radio", "Slanted House Radio" , "Frisky Radio" or the "CHC" Podcast and "Proton Radio" as a featured artist.

To say Dan has been well received in his hometown would be an understatement, as he was voted "Best Club DJ" in the local Scene Magazine Reader's Poll and also on Spot Cleveland's online poll in 2008. 2009 saw Dan release his first production work on some major labels and 2010 was a breakout year for this up and coming talent from the Rock N' Roll capital of the world. With a commitment to the music, 2011 and beyond looks even brighter...
Record Labels On:
Harem, Avangardia, Incorrect Music, Low Pressings, Portamento, 17:44, Beat Code
Releases: 2010

"The Bang Down" by Jayme Skeen (Dan Stark "The Big Bang" Remix) Label: Beat Code (Currently charting at #1 on Beat Code's Beatport Top 10 Download Chart)

"Brass Tax" By: Dan Stark + Jayme Skeen (Original + Miami Mixes) Label: Avangardia ((Original mix hit #52 on Beatport Deep House Charts))

"Crimson Sun" By: Sultan + Ned Shepard Ft: Dirty Vegas (Dan Stark + Jayme Skeen Rmx) Label: Harem (Hit #83 on Progressive House Charts + # 2 on Harems Top 10 Beatport Chart)

"Day Muzik" By: Nino Anthony (Dan Stark + Jayme Skeen Remix) Label: 17:44 Records (Hit # 1 on 17:44 Beatport Top 10 Charts)

"Prime" By: Anthony Attalla + Christopher Norman (Dan Stark + Jayme Skeen Rmx) Label: Incorrect Music (Hit # 2 on Incorrect's Beatport Chart)

"Latin Love" By: Dan Stark + Jayme Skeen
Label: Avangardia
Releases: 2009

"Renaissance" By: Tripzone + Koen (Dan Stark, Jayme Skeen + D. Armstrong Rmx) Label: Low Pressings (Hit # 1 on Low Pressings Beatport Chart)

"Amba" Ft: Fip By: Flow (Dan Stark, Jayme Skeen + Jason Allen Rmx) Label: Low Pressings
avatar Re: 12.11.10 - Chicken & Techno: w/ Dan Stark, JC Disko, Dela & David Dominguez
November 18, 2010 12:11AM
buk buk buk buuuuuuuuk buk buk

dela | mindshake records . projekt international
avatar Re: 12.11.10 - Chicken & Techno: w/ Dan Stark, JC Disko, Dela & David Dominguez
November 18, 2010 01:53AM
cluck yes!

count me in!


avatar Re: 12.11.10 - Chicken & Techno: w/ Dan Stark, JC Disko, Dela & David Dominguez
November 19, 2010 04:13PM
finga lickin....

dela | mindshake records . projekt international
Re: 12.11.10 - Chicken & Techno: w/ Dan Stark, JC Disko, Dela & David Dominguez
November 19, 2010 04:54PM
Oh man...

Brandi and I were looking through old school pics the other night and we came across the pics from Jessica's FunRaiser Warehouse party. Brandi photoshopped a pic of Orlow djing with chicken wings in his hand. I will have to find that tonight and repost it. (It used to be up on the Audiotribe site.)
Re: 12.11.10 - Chicken & Techno: w/ Dan Stark, JC Disko, Dela & David Dominguez
December 01, 2010 03:00PM

maybe just the purple one winking smiley
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