Drumcell is the founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior along with the Vargas brothers of techno duo Acid Circus. Since the mid Nineties Drumcell has been a firm believer in the power of techno and over the past decade become one of Southern California's greatest champions.

As a graduate of the Musician's Institute, a veteran performer at parties, and longtime recording engineer Drumcell harnesses a strong musical background with a gifted sense of technological intuition. The delicate balance keeps him pushing the limits of his gear continually as a way to develop his artistic express. Forming the Droid Behavior collective with Acid Circus earlier this decade was another other major step in this ongoing development. In turn, the collective has helped expose other local artists as well as established DJs to the growing legion of techno fans in the Los Angeles basin. In the past five years, he's played alongside nearly every major DJ in the genre via the trio's signature Interface parties. This year he also did a mini-tour of the US which culminated in him playing the main stage at the prestigious Movement festival in Detroit.

Drumcell's constant push into the bleeding edges of music technology has earned him the title of product specialist for Native Instruments. He is out there pushing the limits of what current technology has to offer- developing homebrew software as well as cutting edge hardware solutions to bring a fresh, innovative taste to his production and performances. Innovations that blur the lines between live performance and a traditional DJ set up creating ^√ďa thick blend of acidic techno and aggressive but funky minimalist groove. Drumcell is one of the few artists exploiting the full power of software like Traktor and Ableton run through state-of-the-art Allen & Heath mixer technology. In conjunction, the trinity is used to create a hybrid of flexibility and fidelity for the ultimate in electronic music performance. Drumcell uses this platform to highlight his own needles-in-the-red brand of aggressive, discordant techno. In fact, this summer's Droid Recordings release "Cell Injection", with longtime production partner Audio Injection, crystallized this amped up testosterone booster meets Quaalude jack and funk perfectly. In turn, the release captured the attention of many of the world's top techno jocks in the process - including Speedy J and Richie Hawtin. It's a sound born of musical menace and the kinds of wickedness that only the poisoned airs of LA can conjure.

Recently, Drumcell has also had a string of additional successes including remixes of techno legend Chris Leibing on Leibing's own CLR label as well as the seventh anniversary of the now legendary Interface parties These gatherings have brought the best of the old school warehouse vibe together with intense new school multimedia presentations that defy explanation. He is currently developing a audio/visual performance to be unveiled by the end of this year in hopes of elevating his performances at these events to the next level. Drumcell will definitely be one artist worth watching in 2010.

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, and with plenty of producing experience under his belt, Chris Rusu is making quite the name for himself. Calling him a diamond in the rough would be an understatement; quickly becoming a household name for any DJ with a sense for great hidden acts worth supporting; With numerous releases supported by worldwide artists including Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Ambivalent, Pig and Dan, Tony Rios, and Laurent Garnier, just to name a few.

In 2010, Chris has been busy in the studio; backing that with his Coalesce EP on Teggno Records being featured on Beatport's Top 10 Minimal Tracks, his first release on Som Bom in the Top 100, and his s$ Juno's Bestseller's List, all hailing great reviews from artists worldwide, including the minimal master himself, Richie Hawtin.

With roots in early-nineties Midwest rave culture, Sir Fice has an appreciation and deep understanding of techno's history. Influenced early on by Plastikman's "Sheet One", Sir Fice's techno sound has organically progressed into the modern minimal sound of today.

Although minimal is in vogue, Sir Fice doesn't let his large collection of techno classics gather dust in the back of the bin. Effectively teasing in classics of yore with the new creates a balance of tension building and full on maximal release that many new school jocks tend to neglect. With 10 years of experience behind the decks, Sir Fice's aggressive mixing style distorts the line between classic and contemporary, destroying dance floors along the way.

To date, he's played alongside techno heavyweights Richie Hawtin, Ambivalent, Barem, Steve Bug, Derek Plaslaiko, Acid Circus, Maetrik, Dilo, Punisher, Robert Armani and Woody McBride to name a few. As a promoter, he has been involved with the successful two-year run of the AudioTribe crew's weekly "HomeBrew" events and now has dedicated his time to projekt mke, a collaboration specializing in bringing world class, boundary pushing techno and minimal to the Midwest.

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tbh, i'm actually looking the most forward to hearing nate play a set of his own. it's been quite some time and he fucking murders it.

no disrespect to chris or drumcell. just props to nate smiling smiley
j.c. disko
tbh, i'm actually looking the most forward to hearing nate play a set of his own. it's been quite some time and he fucking murders it.

no disrespect to chris or drumcell. just props to nate smiling smiley

DUDE! you don't even know how much i agree man.

dude works SO FUCKING HARD behind the scenes where only people like me and justin get to see it. i'm looking forward to the 1.5 hours he'll have full ability to DESTROY.

the theme of this night is FUCKING TECHNO. and that's what he does.

good call JC. good call.

(PS. he's doing 88.9 on october 16th... yet another sir fice opp i'm looking forward to).

dela | mindshake records . projekt international
oh you guys... thtop!

oh, and uhh...



so much <3 ITT. either way, can't wait fellers smiling smiley
Brad, you are a marketing genius smiling smiley
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