:: upcoming events ::

another effort in our nokturnal series ft.
PEZZNER [om records | seattle] along with Fortune & Dela
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:: past :: number series ::

a new series of one-off special events focused on bringing top tier national and international headliners in new and exciting environments outside of the club norm.

another effort in our numbered series ft.

the second in our numbered series ft.
DARIO ZENKER | DIRTYBIRD | SILENTCORP | DONGER the 2nd in our numbered series ft. 

:: past :: nokturnal series ::

the projekt nokturnal series are club-focused events with a goal to provide our midwestern audience with an outlet for cutting-edge world class music. performers will include an array of DJ's and live acts with footprints in regional, national, and international arenas.

another effort in our nokturnal series ft.
DJ Earthian from ANIMALTEK | MATT RISSI | PARTICLE PEOPLE | LITTLE AARON a one-off event we did at [three] with 
PROJEKT SOUNDSYSTEM | ACID CIRCUS an afterparty we did after playing at summerfest ft.         

:: past:: redroom sessions ::

the projekt redroom sessions are midwest-focused showcase events in an intimate venue which allows networking opportunities among the supporters of the minimal sound. expect to hear both new and established names from the midwest and milwaukee communities. it is our way of showcasing the local talent that milwaukee and this part of the country proudly boasts.

the first or our smaller, more 
intimate redroom sessions the first or our smaller, more
intimate redroom sessions

the first or our smaller, more
intimate redroom sessions

:: past:: color series ::

our premiere series of monthly events focused on establishing and promoting the underground minimal sound to the midwest audience in a club environment

siteHolder records night [billy 
dalessandro | daniel mnookin | christopher james | dela [ decimal | kiddo | dj red | sir 
fice ] [ maetrik | projekt showcase 

[ the attack people | tinhead | fortune  
] [ kate simko | erik lee & samonik | david 
dominguez | dela  ] [ acid circus | johnny armstrong | ghidora  
] [ skoozbot | andrew kevins | fortune  

[ derek plaslaiko | sir fice  ] [ kyle gieger | obed medina | screendoor  

:: past :: abstrakt ::

No strangers to the sometimes uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding world of musical experimentation & risk taking, the new experimental offshoot of projekt, abstrakt has emerged, spearheaded by the eclectic purveyor, Screendoor. Having arisen from 1990's party culture, the abstrakt collective appreciate the necessity both of abrasive tastemaking & mass appeal through the mediums of DJ'ing and live performance, and throughout their years have made it their mission to seamlessly combine these two approaches to create unique one-of-a-kind events. With this philosophy, the collective answers the call to ritual gathering once more. Expect a party, a good time, an experience, but most importantly, refuse to expect anything. Spontaneity will be the sole guideline of this event.


the first abstrakt show