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:: dela ::

Having been intrinsic in dance music culture since the early-nineties dela has always been on the cutting-edge of what makes people hit the floor. Early influences in the sounds of Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin have paved a way for a passionate focus on innovation and future-forwardness.

Today, as a promoter/dj with Milwaukee's premier 'projekt mke' collective he is dedicated to be on the forefront of the modern techno movement. His signature blend of minimal and avant-garde techno has graced dancefloors throughout the midwest in such legendary clubs as Chicago's 'Smartbar' and large outdoor gatherings like Minnesota's 'Accelerator'.

With his diverse appreciation for artists throughout the vast minimal sound spectrum his sets will undoubtedly suit their environments, spanning anything from a dark or melodic deepness to the jack and bounce of peak-hour minimal techno and tech-house. It is with this uniqueness that Dela brings you the sound of projekt mke... the sound of techno now.

:: listen ::

dela - live @ winter warmer 01.30.10 (direct download)
recorded live from the pool and jacuzzi area at a unique resort party in january of 2010, dela puts together a sexy mix of forward-tinged techno featuring artists like: sweet n candy, gurtz, crosson, & more.

dela - ten p.m. (direct download)
featuring tracks from many of the world's leading and up and coming deep/tech house producers this is undoubtedly an essential look into the deeper shades of dela that touches the mind, body, and soul.

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dela - escalators & aeroplanes (direct download)
travelling from one locale to another, dela's spring offering picks the passenger up from the land of dark and groovy and drops them off in destination: bounce and jack. enjoy the ride.

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dela - tuedaes (direct download)
from groovy and sexy, to deep and dark, to bouncy and rolling... this is dela in it's entirity

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dela - live @ la casa del umbriaco (direct download)
a walk through the dark, deep, and tastefully wierd carnival of minimal and modern techno

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