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projekt mke is the first collective of it kind in milwaukee, run by a select collaboration of established promoters and dj's: dela, screendoor and sir fice. projekt mke runs local and regional events aimed at providing the underground dance music community with a world-class and foward-thinking music experience.

with a passionate and dedicated focus in minimal, modern techno, and avant house music, projekt mke immerses itself in the absolute cutting-edge of underground dance music culture...

projekt mke is future-forward musik.


at it's core the projekt mke team consists of three veteran promoters who have a collaborative 30+ years of experience in promoting successful club and EDM events throughout the midwest. brad valerine, justin grall, and nate york have been intrinsic in dance music culture since the early-to-mid nineties and continue to work closely within a local and regional creative resource network.

as a dj collective experienced in playing various events across the country, projekt soundsystem has graced dancefloors with their diverse yet harmonious blend of future-forward techno and house music. whether playing as a unit or alone, dela lays down the bouncey and driving minimal soundscape, screendoor provides the melodic and mind expanding flavor for the heads, and sir fice keeps it jacking... bridging the gap between minimal and maximal with a healthy dose of some old school flavor. together they span the minimal genre seamlessly, showcasing the absolute projekt mke sound...

the sound of techno now.